FOSS: India 2023 - Notes

Sree Venkat / 2024-06-30

Day 1


  • Akash Hamirvasya
  • Automata theory
  • Vyaakaran is a web tool, that can be used structurally visualise and interact with automata
  • PES innovation lab

Build with Hussain

  • Started off as a teaching assistant
  • Joined frappe as an engineer
  • After a while back to blogs on how to use frappe
  • Then started teaching on YT after a lot of forethought
  • Swept off by the feedback
  • Now running build with Hussain as a separate channel

O11Y and OTEL

  • OTEL is one of the many CNCF projects
  • OTEL is a combination of OpenTracing and OpenCensus
  • Observability Driven Development


  • Crossed 55k stars on GH
  • Got awarded in the lambda teat conf
  • Calendar based versioning
  • 3X growth on teams, collections and usage
  • Desktop App that is fast [wonder what is the framework?]


  • Auto generated test cases from specs and schema
  • Captures network calls from application environment and replays the scenario
  • Deduplicates test on code paths
  • Can be self hosted


  • Tagline: Vulnerability db should not be vulnerable
  • Vulnerability databases are often contradictory to each other on
    • Severity
    • Flagged versions
  • Vulnerability databases are closed source
  • Hard to identify if a vulnerable package is being used actively or passively by another package which is a dependency
  • What is different about VulnerableCode
    • Packages are a first class citizen
    • When a version is flagged other packages that are potentially affected are also identified down to the specific version/subversion that is vulnerable
    • Use package uri pkg:pypi/requests@1.0 aka Purl
    • PurlDb: Everything about a package
    • vers: Simple naming spec for representing versions that are un/safe. vers: >0.0.5|1.0.0-1.0.4|!0.8
    • Vulntotal: Comparison engine for vulnerability databases [PoC]

Tattle >> Uli >> Open Source AI

  • Foundation and Base models enable downstream domains
  • Not a very clear distinction b/w open and closed models published recently
  • GPT2 was initially restricted but was released when another academic group recreated most of it
  • Open AI is now fully closed despite having open in its name
  • OSS AI: For AI to be OSS data, model, code and documentation must be open

Build Hardware in OSS

  • Allegro/Altium - PCB layout tool
  • Proprietary tools Solid works / CATIA
    • Reliable since smallest mistake can cost 5k$ and 4-5 weeks of shipment delay
    • Significant automation available
    • Talent available in tools since companies are large
  • KiCAD - OSS EDA tool
  • OSS benefits
    • 3 different proprietary tools are under one workdlow
    • Community Support
    • Free from licensing
    • 3D visualisation
    • Upper hand over larger companies since tools are available and production is feasible thanks to China
    • Maker movement
  • Smart Terminal: Product that allows multiple people share a single compute source. Cost effective and sustainable for schools instead of each kid having a device.

Plane Project Management

  • Django/ NextJS stack with Postgres and redis
  • Supports various data formats all the way from charts, gantts to spreadsheets
  • Can be self hosted

Custom Load Balancer

  • Focused on handling HTTP traffic and not TCP traffic
  • Envoy: CNCF project built in C
  • Summary: A custom implementation using Envoy where we can implement routing algorithms and filter chains as per the requirement
    • Benefits: Can choose the rite type of instance, cost optimisation, scaling as per business requirement